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April 15 2020, saw the Revamp Rave Network (RRN), an organization who connects people and builds communities, using its #research, #art, #innovation, to fight the climate crisis.



The launch the maiden edition of its 'Virtual Cohort Programme' was curated as a strategy to raise awareness and build the youth's capacity to achieve the mandate set for the decade of action.

The maiden edition of the "Ecolog" was written to create global access for African youths, particularly emerging climate change actors to learn, proffer solutions, collaborations and take collective actions to tackle the global climate change challenges. The novel innovation started during the COVID-19 outbreak. Revamp Rave Network orthodox zoom programme aims to support young people’s understanding of the implications of climate change, its trajectories and the dynamics, enabling youths to spur more ambition on climate change awareness and action by connecting youth with experts, professionals and mentors to continue the climate momentum. 

The Revamp Rave Network found one factor that plays a primary role in determining course quality, and that is participants' perceptions of the degree of interaction which has resulted to Ecolog’s launch on December 13 2020.

Ecolog: Is a Quick Guide to Climate Knowledge an e-book that records the lessons taught during the Network's Virtual Cohort Programme - challenges, solutions and action young people can take to create climate action, leveraging storytelling mechanisms. The book is authored by the Founder and Coordinator of Network - ABIMBOLA ABIKOYE

The launch was hosted by MAHMOOD M. MAISHANU – The Vice of Ecologistics Integrated Services and a volunteer with the Network. The guest present was Ian Spiers - the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of One Better World Collective, Nasreen Elsahim - Chair of the United Nations Secretary General's Advisory Group on Climate change, Gloria Kasang Bulus - the Coordinator for the African Climate Reality Project, Adel Ramdani, the Director of Steady-State EU in Brussel, and Marxine Waite a Sustainability Expert and Educate

The virtual launch began with the opening address by ABIMBOLA ABIKOYE – the Author of Ecolog.

Abimbola expressed her gratitude to everyone who took the time to celebrate with RRN. She explained how the virtual training on Climate Change was curated, how it resulted to Ecolog and why Ecolog is a book that educates others on Climate change through storytelling, encompassing the various components of life - food, water, air, lifestyle etc.

IAN SPEIRS - Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, One Better World Collective who was the special guest of honour started by appreciating the organisation and encouraged the organisation to keep on making an impact. He encouraged everyone to be driven to be change makers. He also expressed that all youths should take small steps to achieve great things. He ended by saying; “If we all put our hearts and mind together collectively and collaborate, we can make positive changes”. - Ian Speirs.

NISREEN ELSAIM - Chair of the United Nations Secretary-General's Youths Advisory Group on Climate Change who was the keynote speaker, expressed her gratitude to the organisation and for the birth of the book "Ecolog". She explicitly illustrated the importance of taking responsibilities and taking action in mitigating and adapting Climate Change working with the six critical elements of the Paris Agreement enshrined in article 12. She emphasised that anyone in different fields can be a climate change agent. Because we are currently living the climate crisis, access to information is very important, especially for Africans. Hence the need for books like Ecolog is relevant. She said' Ecology is a crucial step in education and advocacy for climate change. She ended saying; Freedom of information and freedom to inform are critical in bringing about Climate Action. – Nisreen Elsaim.

MARXINE WAITE - Sustainability Consultant & Educator, the first speaker, stressed the importance of environmental sustainability and the essence of carbon emission monitoring and urged everyone to be conscious in disposing of waste by taking responsibilities in regards to waste management. She stated the need to lead, taking up space to be change makers and called for collectivism. She closed her speech saying; “It is time we all take responsibilities and think about the recipe that will bring about the change we need and not self-reject!" – Marxine Waite.

 ADEL RAMDANI - Director and Co-Founder of Steady-State EU, in Brussels, the second speaker appreciated the organisation for the great work done. For him, the level of engagement is proportionate to the level of awareness and recommends that youths be taught how to take a holistic approach to climate change. Since there is no 'one size fits all' solution to the climate.

 He also highlighted the importance of Information, System Thinking and Creativity as a tool in taking climate action stating three successful principles for climate project implementation, which are: Resilience, Sustainability and Adaptation. He said; “We’ve all got to understand that all crises are intertwined, and we are to make sure all people understand that climate change affects all components of life”. – Adal Ramdani.


GLORIA KASANG BULUS – The West Africa Regional Coordinator at Climate Reality Project who was the 3rd speaker congratulated the network on the launching of "Ecolog". She spoke about the importance of climate change knowledge for young people and explicitly explained the strength and the power of youths united to a purpose. She ended saying; “The impact of climate change soon cannot be quantified; therefore, the time to take action is now, we must get ready and equip ourselves with the right knowledge”. – Gloria Bulus

The instructors and participants were happy to be a part of the programme and expressed their gratitude to the organization for "Ecolog |In conclusion, Ian Spiers gave the closing remark advising young people to keep the climate action momentum with creativity and innovation that can change the cause of climate justice. 

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The Environmental Impact of Plastic in the Ocean:






















Only 9% of global plastic is recycled ( I still cant get my head around that tiny figure) , while a whopping 91% of plastic waste is landfilled or dumped, usually ending up in canals, rivers, beaches and eventually the open ocean. Between 1950 and 2015, global plastic production increased nearly 250-fold. Plastic is booming because it’s durable, so much so that plastic litter produced in 1960 is still around. A vintage throwback we could without!

The shocking statistics continue when it comes to plastic pollution...

After being released into the environment, plastic can enter the ocean through different pathways and will take up to 500 years to decompose. That's 500 years! Needless to say we haven't got that time.

Current estimates say by 2050 the weight of plastic in our oceans will weigh more than fish! As shown in the must-watch documentary A Plastic Ocean, (Youtube it) shows how plastic waste slowly breaks down into tiny fragments (microplastics) which are ingested by fish and all manner of sea-life (both large and small) and ultimately by us. See our previous post on micro-plastic showing up in the placenta of an unborn baby end of this article...

Microplastics particles can carry harmful pollutants on them and are proven to be highly toxic for human immune cells.

What is ocean-bound plastic?

Honest Ocean are based in West Java, Indonesia, a high-risk area for plastic pollution. 4 out of the top 20 plastic-loaded rivers are Indonesian. We all know that plastic waste is bad for the ocean, but what is ocean-bound plastic?

Also known as mismanaged plastic waste, this is plastic rubbish currently found in rivers and other waterways which is doomed to reach the sea. Besides their location, the two types of plastic differ in quality as well. 

Ocean bound plastic is cleaner and can be used as a high-grade material (e.g. food packaging). Once recovered from the ocean, plastic can be converted into furniture or clothing, for example. On a global scale, around 80 percent of plastics flow into the ocean from land-based sources, such as rivers. That’s why it is key to intercept this waste before it enters the ocean.

So, how does Honest Ocean rescue ocean-bound plastic? 

Honest Ocean supply plastic collection equipment to the local community, they train people in how to sort out and process the recovered waste, and in doing so, individuals not only contribute to reduce the plastic pollution in their local waters, but are also given a job opportunity in line with a green economy model. This social enterprise is turning recycled ocean plastic waste into a valuable resource. For instance, plastic picked up in the ocean could become an inexpensive yet stylish piece of furniture for home decor. Also, In partnership with manufacturers, Honest Ocean are planning to create food-grade certified products made of Ocean bound plastic.

By recycling and reusing ocean-bound and ocean plastic waste, Honest Ocean is paving the way to a cheaper and eco-friendly alternative to virgin plastic. A new age of sustainable plastic has begun and Honest Ocean are riding the wave of change to stop an ocean of plastic arriving in our seas - for good!

November 2020: Revealed, microplastics in the placentas of unborn babies :

You can see the story here...


That post said it all to me! Plastic is now effecting the lives of the next generation even before they're born. Enough is enough!  

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